Do I have to be a certain age to attend a wine tasting experience?

Absolutely! All customers must be over the age of 18. No nearly 18, almost 18 – you MUST be over 18!

What is the minimum and maximum sized group you cater for?

We work with groups of 12 people right up to 112! A group size of 30+ guests may require a different approach, but it will still be as much fun!

How much does a tasting experience cost?

Prices start at £25pp. The price is dependent on the package you select – we will work with you to tailor make a wine tasting experience to suit your budget.

What’s included?

We’re in the business of making your life as easy as possible, meaning that we’ll bring the wine (the most important bit), the glassware, bottle openers (equally as important), tasting sheets, pens and a head full of information to guide you through the tasting. All you need to supply is a group of thirsty and willing participants (readily available), water and water glasses.

Where do you host the wine tasting events?

We come to you – your home, office, workshop, conference centre, barn, tent or private jet! We are equipped to work in whatever space you provide (within reason)!

How do I book?

Contact us by email: or Call 07919 241881. Upon working through and finalising your dream wine tasting experience and agreeing to the quote, 25% deposit will secure the booking. The balance will be due at an agreed date prior to the event.

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