Do I have to be a certain age to purchase from Den Boer Wines?

Absolutely! All customers must be over the age of 18. No nearly 18, almost 18 – you MUST be over 18!

How much is a wine subscription to Unwined?

A monthly subscription is £28.99 for two bottles of amazing wine delivered each month. Other options are £68.99 for six bottles and £128.99 for twelve bottles.

Can I set up direct debit for my monthly subscription?

By purchasing the online subscription your cards will be billed for the nominated product amount each month.

How can I pay for my Wine subscription?

You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit cards. Enter in the card details which will be validated and processed as part of the product check out process on the website.

Is delivery included in the Wine Subscription?

Yes – there are no hidden fees or charges.

When will I be charged for my wine subscription?

When you first join the subscription you will be charged on the day your order is confirmed. Every subscription box after that will be charged on the 20th day of each month.

When I subscribe how long does a wine subscription go for?

Until you no longer want to receive your delivery.

Can I choose what wines go in my subscription box?

The subscription generally includes 50:50 white:red wine ratio. The idea is that we introduce you to new wines, however we fully get it if you aren’t into whites or can’t drink red. Just let us know and we’ll sort it for you!

When will my wines arrive?

If you have subscribed before the 20th of the month, wines will be delivered during the last week of the month. If you order between the 20th and last day of the month, your wines will be delivered during the last week of the subsequent month.

Can I re-order the wines that I love online!?

Absolutely! We will add the wines to our wine shop each month to enable you to re-order your favourites.

Can I put my subscription on hold?

Yes, no worries. Just login to your account on the website and select “suspend”.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, of course you can. There are no tie-ins or contracts, wine subscriptions are billed on a month to month basis.

How will I know my order is being processed?

You will receive an email from the Unwined team shortly after your purchase confirming your order. If something doesn’t look right let us know straight away at

Where do you deliver to?

At present we only deliver to the mainland UK.

What if I am not home when the wines are delivered?

We recommend that you choose a day and time when there will be someone over 18 years of age at the delivery address entered to ensure you wines are receipted. If your work accepts personal deliveries, we recommend getting them sent there.

How do I know what wines will arrive in my box each month?

On the day of your delivery you will receive a link sent to your email inbox. We will give you a detailed introduction of each wine arriving in your box, with downloadable tasting notes.

Can I buy a wine subscription as a gift?

Yes – our wine boxes make the perfect gift.

My wine arrived broken or damaged. How can I return it?

Take a photo of the product and send it to We will be in touch right away.

If I don’t like the look of a wine, can I get a refund?

Yes, as long as the wine is unopened and the label is undamaged. All you need to do is send us an email stating why you want the refund and send the wine back to us within 15 days of receipt.

What if my wine is faulty [Corked]? Can I get a replacement?

Yes, we don’t think that this will happen but in the instance that you consider a wine tainted or corked, all you need to do is send us an email stating why you believe the wine is faulty and return the bottle to us.

How long will it take to process a refund?

We will ensure the refund is processed within 30 days.

Can I change my nominated delivery address?

Absolutely! You just need to make sure you update this in your accounts details on the website before the 20th of the month for it to take effect in the current delivery month.

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