Ladies and Gentlemen, May 25th marks an important event – National Wine Day! Not to be confused with its sister day – National DRINK Wine Day celebrated on February 18th, dedicated to spreading the awareness of the importance of wine historically and in our lives today. National Wine Day, on the other hand is more focussed on the practical element of imbibing in a glass or two of your favourite grape variety.

As every day can be National Wine Day depending on your outlook, here are a few ways in which to pay your respect to this Vinous Wonder.

  • Try Something New – Invite a group of friends around and each bring a bottle that is masked or covered in foil. Have fun trying to guess what wine it is. You may be surprised with what you like when not having any pre-conceived judgements!
  • Visit a vineyard – We are fortunate to live in an area where there are vineyards nearby. Yes – you heard right! Bothy Vineyard is located at Frilford Heath, near Abingdon. They run 2 hour tours at 2pm on the last Saturday of each month (£9pp bookings required).

Coinciding with English Wine Week (Saturday 27th May – Sunday 4th June), they are running FREE 1 hour tours on Sat 27th May and Sat 3rd June at midday and 2pm. No bookings required for this special event – just rock up!


  • Cook with wine – As the saying goes, sometimes I may even add it to the food! Wine adds flavour to sauces and jus – I’ll let you experiment on that one!
  • Make wine slushies – New to this concept, I am yet to test this one out. To make a Strawberry Peach Wine Slushy: Ingredients: Baking hot sunshine (see why I’m not there yet with being convinced….), 1 bottle of white wine (sauvignon blanc), 2 peaches, blanched, peeled, sliced and frozen, 2 cups of frozen, sliced strawberries. Directions: Puree 2 cups of wine and the peaches, add the strawberries and remaining wine and blend until smooth. If the mixture is too runny, just bung it in the freezer until it freezes up.
  • Open a bottle you’ve been saving for a special occasion – Share it with somebody you love!

Happy National Wine Day!

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