Wine’s Mile High Club…

Caught your attention? The subject matter here is not the ins and outs (excuse the pun) of this infamous club, but about the probable precursor – that being the consumption of wine whilst travelling on an airplane. The question has been asked, ‘Why does wine taste different on airplanes?’ Wine… Read more

What makes you unique? An Independent Wine Merchant’s Tale

  What makes YOU unique? To be completely honest, questions like that frighten the life out of me and before I know it, I’m muttering more ums and lengthened weeeells and other time filling vocabulary resembling Neolithic man than I’m certain that Neolithic man himself could utter. So, having now… Read more

Oak-ey Dokey – Understanding the use of oak in winemaking

  The past… Oak was traditionally used as a vessel in which to store and/or transport wine. As wood naturally decomposes, it is tricky to pinpoint the date of its use historically. But to give you a rough idea, the Greek historian Herodotus made not of the Mesopotaians shipping vino… Read more