Wine Tastings

It's a Matter of Taste

Have you been to a wine tasting event and felt pressured into buying what you have tasted? And did you really even like the wine?

How would you like to experience something different?

At Den Boer Wines we invite you to enjoy tasting wine in a relaxed, friendly and “no pressure to buy” setting. Recreating a cellar door experience provides you with the opportunity to “try before you buy”. We want you to think about what you taste, rather than just guzzling wine, to discover the wines that you really like or dislike. And what better way than to taste them first!

Investing in wine can be costly, so our cellar door experience can actually save you money. When you buy supermarket or off-licence wine, you have to take a chance and go with what’s on the label. And when you do drink it, is it really to your liking?

Try a Den Boer experience and find out what you like before you spend your money.

Our tasting events allow you to try different types of wine; learn about styles, varieties and the wine regions around the world. To compliment each wine, we offer simple and tasty food, to show you ways to marry the two flavours together. Then at your next dinner party you can wow your guests with a delicious harmony of food and wine!

Bring your friends along and make it an evening out! Have fun and enjoy tasting different wines in a social atmosphere. You’ll meet new people who share an interest in wine and together you can learn about and find new wines to buy. And you may even enjoy yourselves so much that you’ll have to come along to the next event…


Price pp
Tue 28th February
Reynolds House

Bubbles and Beyond

Try a range of sparklings – from Prosecco to Champagne with a focus on grape varieties and production methods.


Tue 29th March
Reynolds House

Big Reds

Taste a line up of full bodied reds that offer opulent fruit with a varied range of flavour profile.


Thu 3rd May
Reynolds House

Wines nice with spice!

We will guide you through a variety of wines that compliment a range of spicy dishes, including Thai and Indian favourites.


Tue 26th June
Reynolds House

Great Whites

Discover an amazing range of white wines – from traditional varieties to newer discoveries!


Fri 17th August
Reynolds House

Champagne and Canapés

An annual event – the pairing of champagne and canapés is a match made in heaven!


Tue 25th September
Reynolds House

Six course wine

You will be guided through a dinner party tasting of six wines, starting with an aperitif and ending with a luscious dessert wine….


Thu 18th October
Reynolds House

Fireside Reds

Nothing warms as much as a roaring fire and a few quality reds!


You decide – a date to suit your group of friends/delegates.

Venue – Reynolds House or your own.

A selection of your favourite wines/theme or wines that you would like to learn more about from £18.50